Sims 1 Skins

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5 April 2008: Stripes and shirt

Fat, Fit, Skn

3 Skintones

30 March 2008: Pants & Tie

RUB, Fat, Fit, Skn

3 Skintones

3 October 2007 Chinos Shorts and Floral print Shirt

RUB, Fat, Fit and Skn

B705 ma in 3 Skintones

4 January 2006 Pants and Shirt.

Fat, fit and Skn : B002 by Maxis base game.
Rub: B825 by Madoria.

Dark Skintone: Browns.
Light Skintone: Reds.
Med Skintone: Greens

B825 Ma Rub
by: Madoria

B825 Ma fit
by: Maxis

by: JWS

B014Ma Fit
by: JWS

B129 Ma Fit
by: Denise / Built to Sim

B151 Ma Skn
by: Sims Sisters