Changed 26 January 2011

Skins Sims 1 & Clothing Sims 2

If you would like to recolour my skins bmps- Please do -but I would love to see what you have done so please contact me and show me ! I am Madoria at most Forums, N99, Mts and Simblesse Oblige for example. For Sims 2 clothing- feel free to alter my alphas and bumpmaps.

Sims 2 Clothing

I use mostly Base game meshes and Custom Body sizes.
DrPixel Well Rounded Female, Warlokk Classic Pinup and more.
Links for the meshes needed should be at each download description. For now these links are for Mod the Sims 2 site.

I do not make Sims 2 meshes so those are other peoples. Give credit to the mesh maker !

Madorias Sims 1 Skins meshes:
Feel free to skin for them and also redistribute the meshes. Give credit beside the download skin on your page - a simple text link is great ! Please include the read me text if you redistribute the mesh, thank You!
Want to use my Skins for making Fake Sims ? Sure - please do !


Filesharing is great and please do that at POBS at Neighbourhood 99 or my affilate Simblesse Oblige SimOne forum, Archichiari is also a great place to do this at. If you have the original zips please share those first. If my site should be gone or having a downperiod you can also share loose files off course. If my site would to be closing I would try to contact Saving the Sims for help.

Pictures / Screen shots

Feel free to use any creation in any Screen shot !


I have these installed:

Sims 1: Double Delux( Sims ; LL, Hp), Hot Date, Vacation and Makin Magic.

Sims 2: Expansions Basegame, University, Seasons and Apartment Life
Sims 2: Stuff Packs Family Fun stuff