Buyable GrandMa Formals

Meshes are seperate downloads ! Scroll down to get them!

22 February 2014: Black Formal Dress


4 Skintones

F0T5 Fa fat mesh
modified to fat by Madoria .

22 February 2014: Black Formal Dress


4 Skintones

F0T5 Fafit mesh
by Tojah.

22 February 2014:Black Formal Dress


4 Skintones

F2SK Fa Skn mesh
by Kelchen .

25 May 2006: Granny Brown buyable formal dress

Fat, Fit, Skn.

Fat , fit and Skn Brownish Formal.

3 Skintones

F128 fat fit and Skn mesh
Buyable version of Maxis B128 mesh from Sims Delux Expansionpack.

All the Beautiful Heads are by Irish Rose at Archichiari