Girl Dress Skins

Meshes are seperate downloads ! Scroll down to get them!

27 June 2016:Heat Sundress

4 Skintones.

B0t3 Fc chd by Tojah

5 January 2008: My little Pink Dress

3 Skintones.

B203Fc mesh by Maxis (MM)
B203 Fc chd
from Makin Magic Expansion

30 June 2007 Short Red checked dress with belt .

3 Skintones.
B200 Fc chd
by ?

24 January 2007 Short Lace dress .

Dark: Pink dress. Light: Green dress. Med: Peach dress.

B723 Fc chd mesh (HP)
B723 Fc chd
from House Party Expansionpack

15 February 2006 Pretty Gown for the Girls

Dark Skintone: Red Light Skintone: Pink Med Skintone: Purple

B110 Fc mesh by Sims Addiction
B110 Fc chd

13 January 2006: Dress Me Up !.

3 Skintones.

B201 Fc by ?
B201 Fc chd

13 January 2006: Laced Dress for Girls.

Medium: Blue. Light: Red. Dark: Purple.

B390 Fc by Sims Addiction.
B390 Fc chd