Given Gifts May 2012

Why all these dresses ?

Well, I updated with a black lace over white blouse and skirt and the simmers started a fight over it!
So I decided that I had better make some more of them!
See here for that skirt.
But I just got more and more ideas on colours and details and... so I decided to make gifts for those simmers who had liked that skirt and blouse so much!

How I decide on who will get a gift? Maybe a nice compliment, someone who is very nice or just for the fun of it !
Some simmers I have learned stuff from and some I have gotten to know a bit better.

Mesh for Dresses is included in each zip! Mesh Br62Fa fat Fit and Skn by Bag of Tricks.

Some dresses are downloadable here and some at the Recievers Sites or group.

19: Rose and Gold

For a special creator and Simmer!
I am totally addicted to her Nudebases for skinning!

Dress is at: Hypnotix Yahoo group

There is also a site:

17: Iceblue for Cdzmka7

For this Blue colour lover ...

DOWNLOAD Dress and mesh

16: Red lace dress

Get it at:

Purr, Purr ... lovely decorative sets from the Deekitty!

Waht else than Red ?

14: Checked Lace dress

Polly knows many links and are incredible helpful! A sweet Simmer!

Polly asked me to host her gift here:

DOWNLOAD Dress and mesh

13: Silver lace dress

Get it at:

Space is shiny metal for me... and so is the cars this awsome creator makes!!!!
You will not be dissapointed if you sign up here !

12: Darkred dress with Black lace and detail.

Olenas is the clutter Queen!!!!

Get it at:

Red for Olena - beacause I could - I love darkred myself!

11: 60ies inspired lace with bow

Media fire Download

JustDenise makes nice and fun 60ies Skins ... and Lace was a part of the 60ies too!

10: Black dress with Pink lace

Get it at: Ms Shabby Sim Art

I got inspired by Ms Shabbys Avatar... cute as a cupcake! Ms Shabby does very nice paintings, murals and walls... so far !

9: Pale patterend White Dress

MichaeL has asked me to host this Dress:

The King of Black and white, seperate or in combos... what else but White could do ?

8: Teagreen Lace Dress

Get it at:

Classic look but in a soft Summery colour for our Madam Rosa.
Special creations can be found at Madam Rosa's!

7: Hot Pink for Dot

Get it at:

Umm... Did I really have a choice here.... off course it had to be a PINK dress!
Have you not been to the Bunny Trail Sims yet ?
Get your butt over there and discover the fab stuff!

6: Golden Lace Dress

Get it at:
Dress can be found under Gifts Recieved!

Boudoir Blanc- another magical site...
Wellcrafted objects!
Gold beacaus all Simtonics awsome creations is pure Sim gold...

5: Black lace Dress

Get it at:

The Dress can be found under Downloads / Objects/Gifts!

Siren Shadow Sim - the name itself is magical !
Themes like Steampunk , Circus and much more!

Black was a must for our Dark Siren Shadow Chick!

4: White Lace dress

Get it at:

Ludi should have had the Black lace on white Skirt / blouse combo but I thought it was crap so I made the other one for her insted... so logically she gets this white and black lace dress instead!
My fave Clutter maker for Sims 1 !

3: Brown and Gold Lace dress

Get it at:

Vivacious is the place for Vivtastic Skins and objects!
Hurry over there !

2: Purple Lace dress

Get it at: Gimere's Sims Stuff
Do not forget to check out all her yahoo groups !

Purple for Gimere as she does Purple sooo well in her skins and heads! Gimere does very nice skins and heads - in sets !

1: Blue lace Dress

Get it at:

Mdamlady has several Yahoo groups with loads of nice themes and sets!

I just for some unknown reason wanted to make a darkblue dress for Dear Denise.... Mdamlady is a very prolific and extrodinary creator !