Madoria as a Sims 1 Sim!

19 July 2013 Buyable formal Skin

Dress and meshes

Mesh by Sparkle of Beyond Belle that I have made into Ruben size.
Both buyable fb0fit mesh included and Bb01 Rub normal mesh included.
The Formal buyable mesh works with the Rubenesque system of Mermaid Cove

New Set of heads and skins for Sim Madoria!

17 May 2013 Three new versions of Sim Madoria Heads!

Long C753
Tail C728
Short C757

17 May 2013 Casual skins and Buyable nightie

All skins and meshes

Pants: B0t8 Fa Rub.

Dress: Baws Fa Rub

Nightie L4L3 Fa fit
Mesh L403 from HD is the original.

All of these meshes is Rubenfied by me.
Fully Skinable and the mesh shipable with new bmps!

Sim Madoria's Bio & Head

Here is the head I fiddle with to make the mouth less wide : the original is from Missie's World and I have permission
to share my version with you from Missie ! Thank You Missie for the permission !

Sim head for Sim Madoria

For Clothing:
Maxis Fat or Mermaid Cove Rubenesque

Nowadays I love to wear dresses...
Pants and tee or shirt or sweater or top...
Any colour goes except all Black outfits.
black pants / skirt and colourful tee is great!

You can find some Rubenesque skins on this site:
There are several sizes on these pages but some are Rubenesque.

> >> > Skirts
> >> > Dress
> >> > Pants
> >> > Shorts